The proceedings of this conference, edited by Eder Kikianty, Mokhwetha Mabula, Miek Messerschmidt, Jan Harm van der Walt and Marten Wortel, will be published by Birkhäuser as a book in their Trends in Mathematics series. All participants can submit, and both research papers and survey papers are welcome. The contributions will be subject to a serious refereeing procedure.

The contract terms foresee one free copy of the proceedings for the first-mentioned (or the corresponding) author of each contribution.

In case of acceptance, the authors are responsible for converting their file to the style as required by Birkhäuser. It is not necessary to use this style already in a submitted paper.

The deadline for submission is 1 February, 2020. For all communication concerning the proceedings, including submission, the conference's email address will be used.

Future additional information will be made available through the conference's website, and an email will be sent to all participants when new information has been posted.